My name is Fawnia, and in January 2017 I became Vegan. My transition began in November 2016, as I learned about brutal slaughter houses and the unnecessary torture animals experience every day. I also learned that we don't need animal protein to be healthy, have enough energy, or to get stronger.  My knowledge as a bodybuilder for over 10 years did not hold as much truth as I thought.

Since November '16, I cut out all beef, then next I said "no more" to killing chickens and removed all dairy. Next was fish and lastly eggs. I am not only making a difference in saving these innocent helpless animals lives, I am kinder to the environment, my body and my wallet! I've lost weight and being Vegan costs about 40% less. Wanna experience veganism with me? Check out Vegan Meals, and see the many options available for you to live a healthy Vegan lifestyle. 

Vegas Vegans will be expanding into a complete resource with Education, Nutrition, Recipes, Restaurants, Profiles, Jobs, Dating, Homes For Rent. Vegas Vegans is a place for VEGANS, and those of you ready to learn more about this compassionate way of life.