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Going Vegan


By Boris Kynonesz
Going Vegan and don’t know how to start? 

I’ve heard a lot of people saying “vegan is not for me,” “I could never go vegan,“ “I love meat too much,” “what would I eat?”
Well… let’s start at the beginning. Being vegan is not about eating rice and lettuce as most people think, we have a lot of options, as delicious as any others, from soups to desserts. And guess what? They’re even healthier! 

You don’t have to quit meat right the way if you’re so used to eating it. I know, you’ve been eating it for years. It’s hard to quit eating meat all at once for some people.

What I did first was I stopped eating red meat, and after a few months I decided to stop eating chicken, then seafood, and last and hardest one was dairy.

If you slowly start to change the way you eat, you’ll find out is actually really easy to become vegan!

Did you know it takes 30days to create a habit? Why don’t you try it? 

Stop eating red meat for 30days, I’m sure your body won’t want it anymore after that time. Then try chicken, seafood and diary. This order really worked for me. 

Let’s show some respect to other species and to our own nature, cause human being was not supposed to be carnivore.