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Healthy Plant Based Vegans

Francesca and Paul

by Francesca and Paul
The power of a plant-based diet is undeniable, and us Vegans know this. However, the exposure of harmful pesticides and herbicides are toxic!
They are intended to be harmful, as they are used to kill living species (insects and fungi) that are considered pests by farmers. 

Even when you are buying 100% certified organic produce, there may still be trace amounts of pesticide residues. Some of which have been linked to cancer, neurological disorders, hormone disruption and allergies. The Glyphosate within pesticides is a known carcinogen that is a cancer-promoting agent in humans, and yet - we are still consuming these harmful chemicals!

Repeated exposure to such pesticides can impart memory, cause disorientation, headaches and insomnia; many case results show the biggest affect on pregnant mothers and their unborn children.
While this epidemic is becoming more widespread, and in some countries even considered a “population control” conspiracy theory; plant based vegans need to be extra cautious of their consumption. 

This is one of the hundred reasons why Paul and I, as eco friendly vegans; have made the decision to invest in our Enagic Water System. Essentially it is a medical grade piece of equipment we have in our homes; and acts as our lifeline!

Not only is the water consumption the purest and healthiest available to us (ask the thousands of athletes, olympians, celebrities, and even the president) but we have a feature that NO other company can even match!

Our machine produce an alkalized (charged) live water with a strong PH of 11.5; what does this mean? No simple tap water rinse (even with salt, baking soda, or any store bought “chemical”) is strong enough to remove these harmful residues. 

Kangen water 11.5 (just one of the many different types of water we can produce) is the only non-chemical agent known to emulsify and lift heavy oils from our fruits and vegetables! This test has been done around the world with many competitors and none can match the penetration our water has to rid the produce of these agents!

This is major!

We are now able to kill of microbes from our food; and reverse the damage that these pesticides and herbicides have on us; and by hydrating our food at a cellular level; we are also increasing shelf life!

The devices are available to anyone, globally and last 20-25 years! If you are living a plant based diet you need to understand that this is currently the only way to emulsify and remove these toxins.

Along with 100 other uses for these amazing systems; this is one of our favorites as Vegans!

For more information please check out or email us at

We have attached some images on the emulsification process used to remove heavy toxins from produce; the pure yellow water is what is left after our veggies have soaked from 3-5 minutes only!

Stay plant based; AND avoid exposure to deadly and harmful toxins!