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Vegan Sentences of NiR


By Nir Halfon

• It doesn't take away from the holocaust when we say that the animals are having a holocaust as well.

• The main reward that vegan people want, is the freedom for all animals. 

• It’s easier to choose compassion and love, than murder and torture. It’s an amazing feeling and healthier feeling! I’m happy that awareness of Veganism is exploding and growing tremendously, so all animals can be free as soon as possible.

• No one believes in slaughter houses; no one is taking their kids to slaughter houses; no one wants to see slaughter houses, so why the f**k do you continue to support them with your money!? 

• God does not believe in slaughterhouses, and definitely does not believe in what we are doing inside them.

• One of the most amazing feelings about learning is when you realize that you are strong and smart enough to do the opposite than what you've been told your entire life. Go happy, go vegan. 

• Remember, that when you are talking to a vegan person, their feelings for your dog, are the same for any other animal. Vegans love all animals. 

• You should be ashamed of yourself if you are supporting slaughterhouses; but you should be proud of yourself if you change it. It’s never too late! 

• Only a judge has the right to put someone behind bars. We are judging animals, putting them behind bars, and doing to them the cruelest acts on earth, only for money. 

• It's a crime to put any animal behind bars, take her freedom, torture her, kidnap her baby, murder her. By going to the store and purchasing animal products, you are sporting all of this! 

• I recommended a vegan lifestyle not because I’m making money from it, not because it's more healthy, not because you will be stronger, not because I’m trying to annoy you, not because it's a trend, I recommended it only because all animals deserve to be free and happy, all animals!

• We can build and create so many positive things instead of slaughter houses, and make this world so much better, for everyone, but specially for the animals.

• You choose to eat only some of the animals because of your religion...   Why? Choose to eat none of them, and set them all free.

• Vegan, simple commonsense.