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Become One with your Mind and Body

Nir Rainbow

by Nir Halfon

My theory about nutrition might shock you. It doesn’t mean that other theories are not good, but this is the way I roll since I can remember. I can’t tell you if it will work for you, but it’s free and fun; give it a shot!

Forget about numbers, calories, protein, how much you burn, and how much you weigh. Reset your brain, mind and body (it takes time) to a point that there is no such thing as these numbers. All bodies react differently to anything, and that’s the only reason why one theory won’t work for everyone.

You can take an example of drugs and alcohol, some become violent on alcohol, some become loving while others fall asleep. Same with weed; some can function normally, and get things done better, while others clearly do not. Food is exactly the same, in my opinion.

I’ve never ever counted anything I ate, never, so there is no such thing for me to not eat enough protein or any other nutrient, and I’ll explain why. Our mind is the most powerful. If you’re counting protein, and you didn’t have enough by the end of the day, your mind will automatically send this information to your body and then your body will start to feel weaker. 

Once you will reset your mind, you will see that your body will ask for exactly what it needs; you will feel freedom, and your mind and body will be best friends. I believe that we need to eat what we love taste wise, and VEGAN of course.