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Family History


By Emily Wilson
Yoga Instructor, Health Advocate, Reiki Healer

Family History: Cancer is at an all time high. So is heart disease, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, reproductive issues, depression, and obesity. Do we stop and wonder why?
I didn’t grow up eating fast food, soda, or a lot of sugar. My dad was a hunter and my grandfather raised cows so most of our meats were “organic, grass fed, local and “humanely”murdered.””

One of my grandmothers died at 65, my grandfather who raised the cows died in his early 80s from heart disease, my other grandfather suffered through Alzheimer’s for around a decade until it took his life, my mom got cancer in 2009, my dad found his cancer in 2015, and I had a hysterectomy at 31 and lived with severe depression and anxiety for years. 

Looking at our family from the outside everyone appeared healthy because no one was overweight, but healthy bodies don’t hold cancer. Eating animals is killing all of us slowly. How many people did you know that died of old age anymore?  My great grandparents were the last ones I knew and they lived close to 100 years old but their offspring wouldn’t be so lucky. 

The animals we are consuming have been pumped full of antibiotics (to make the animals grow fast and make us fat) and hormones (causing all of the reproductive problems in myself and most of the women I know). 

These animals know they are about to be murdered and they are scared, they release all of the same chemicals in their body as we would if we were about to be snuffed out. The sadness, anxiety and fearful emotions flooding their bodies and tissue and all of this transfers to us when we eat their flesh. 

Energy never dies and the energy of a murdered being is never something you want inside of you. 

Fun facts: 80% of all antibiotics used in the US are fed to farm animals! Most of us would never knowingly take antibiotics every day because it’s not healthy but if we eat meat and dairy daily we do. 

Our illnesses start from within and nourishment never comes from torture or murder. 

We like to say that disease runs in families but we don’t pass on heart disease and cancer - they aren’t contagious - we pass on our lifestyles and eating choices that cause the disease.