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Know The Truth

Nir Vegas Vegans

By Nir Halfon

Today I saw a video showing a dead calf, in a cage. He was kidnaped from his mother from the first second that he was breathing. Just from writing this, I feel sick, but I have to stay strong, because they need me! 

There was a farm in Israel, where one of my best friends would always tell me, that over there the cows are happy, and I would tell him, “without even seeing the place, I can tell you that they are far from being happy, because their freedom as been taken, and they are behind bars.”

I sent him the video and told him, “You are telling me that the cows are happy over there, here’s the truth!”

He told me that he doesn’t want to see it, I told him, “But my dear, you said that they are happy over there, so at least have the balls to see that you were wrong! I love you.”

I’m talking about family, life, freedom, a few things that are the most important for any spirit in this world, and we are doing the cruelest punishment by taking it from them. It doesn’t even matter what’s the reasons that we are doing it for, once you did it, it’s done; there are no turning back after abusing, taking their freedom, and at the end; murder.

All those evil words and videos will continue to be on social media, as long as we don’t stop with it! It’s super simple! With a vegan world, we will never see, hear, or write evil things. Today people wish we would stop making and sharing those videos, but as long as they are supporting it by eating animals, it’s happening. So we will keep showing you the truth, and fight for all animals, until the last cage!