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Meet our Vegan Junkies!  These Vegans are fun, sexy and smart. We are celebrating their compassionate lifestyle, in caring for all life, and our planet! Are you a Vegan Junkie? Send us a message via Facebook!

Charley Vegas Vegans
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How long have you been Vegan and why do you choose to live a Vegan lifestyle?

In 2007 tumors were found in my stomach that were benign and removed. But it wasn’t until later in 2012, when I had more health concerns, I went Vegan. My gall bladder failed and I couldn’t process any foods with fat or oil, including “good fats.” 

I was trying to avoid another surgery and the Dr. jokingly suggested I cut out meat and see how things went. I decided to take it a step further and cut out all animal products; this meant I stopped eating meat, milk, eggs, cheese, and butter. A year later I was no longer in need of the operation and I was fully invested in the Vegan life. 

After learning about what actually happens to animals and how we need to be their voice, I would never go back. I’m not perfect, but I work to make every aspect of my life as cruelty free and reflective of my beliefs as possible.

What is a typical dinner for you?
Beans, rice and avocado. I’m ballin’ on a budget. Not gourmet, but no one has to die.

What is your favorite cheat food or sugary vise?
Vinegar chips and Vegan ice cream.
If it’s an occasion: Viva XXXII Tequila, Elephant Gin, Tito’s Vodka, and Bacardi Rum are all companies that donate to and bring awareness of animal rights. Plus, Elephant Gin is just a great conversation starter.

Will there ever be a World 100% Vegan? Why?
The world will have to be vegan once we have consumed and killing off every other resource available. The planet cannot keep up with humanity’s mass consumption of ... everything. A vegan lifestyle is so much more sustainable and easier on the planet.

What are some tips to help people make Vegan food choices?
Never let yourself get hungry, especially when you’re transitioning. If you know pizza is your go to, keep a few vegan pizzas on hand. No one wants to be hungry and end up a grocery store at 10pm after a long day. It won’t end pretty.

Educate yourself. Once you recognize that steak is not a ‘nice dinner’ but a representation of pain and torture for thousands of animals every day, it’s a lot easier to make vegan choices.

Switch your afternoon sitcom for a documentary on Netflix, Hulu or YouTube and see what you learn.
Don’t be scared of carbs. Your brain needs glucose. I mean like… NEEDS glucose!
Don’t be hard on yourself or even feel like you need to label yourself a ‘vegan’ in order to help animals. Any step in the direction of animal safety is better than none.

Check out these videos and companies for truthful information:
YOUTUBE EVERYTHING. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to figure out how to make the best vegan dinner for non-vegan friends, find the best vegan cheese, cruelty free make-up or kitchen cleaner; There is a YouTube video for it.
On YouTube and IG:
Vegan brothers – Information and Inspiration
Taira Macauley - Vegan body building mom of 6
Naturallystefanie – Bodybuilding and university life
Monami Frost – Family life and meal inspiration
Rawvana -  (Spanish and English)
Henya Mania - (Hebrew and English)
Jinti Fell, Ellen Fisher, Katie Flowers, Rawalighnment – Inspiration and lifestyle

Gerson Therapy for healing.
The China Study is always a good read. Classic.
Educate yourself in whatever medium works for you.


Olivia and Maria

How long have you been Vegan and why do you choose to live a Vegan lifestyle?
Olivia: I have been vegan for over 8 years now. I choose to live the Vegan lifestyle because I am a lover of all animals and all things holistic and natural. I believe we can live our lives without having a negative effect on the environment and having a 100 % positive influence in both body and mind. 

Maria: I have been Vegan for 4 years. I chose this lifestyle for many reasons. With me being a Chef I see how awful animals are being treated and mass produced and I don’t support the mistreatment of any living creature. All lives are equal! One of the main reasons I chose this lifestyle is health. I am a firm believer that what you put in your body affects everything. 

What is a typical dinner for you?
Olivia: I love food! I try to change it up every night, but usually a good, hearty, protein-packed salad. Kale, Quinoa, Cucumbers, Nuts, Dried Fruit… All the good stuff!

Maria: I love to get creative with food and always take it to the next level. My dinners are usually light but filling. A good protein salad, or maybe some oatmeal with fruit.

What is your favorite cheat food or sugary vise?

Olivia: Burritos! I am a sucker for a good veggie burrito.

Maria: Pizza. I love pizza. Any kind… Any time! 

Will there ever be a World 100% Vegan? Why?
Olivia & Maria: We don’t believe that there will be a world that is 100% Vegan. One of the reasons being is that people don’t understand that being Vegan isn’t just a diet, but it encompasses everything that you do, you purchase, from your cleaning products to your couch. It all revolves around the way you affect the planet and how it affects you. But we do believe that a majority of people in this world will soon want to make a change. A change that will affect the way we think about our health, the way we eat food, the way we grow our food and raise our animals. We think this change is already in effect. Everyone is starting to see that in the battle of quantity vs. quality, quality is always priority.
What are some tips to help people make Vegan food choices?

Olivia & Maria: Its always good to understand that changing your food choices isn’t as difficult as it’s made out to be. Watching videos or reading articles about how to substitute animal products and byproducts for all vegan products. 
Understanding how to provide your body with the nutrients it needs is key. For example, Veggie Based Proteins: Mushrooms, Lentils, Beans, Soy. 
Meal prepping will always make your life easier. Pick one day of the week where you plan out your meals for the week, go grocery shopping (always make sure to check all your produce for quality) and cook. Write out every step. Always start off with the things that are going to take the longest to cook and work your way down to the easiest tasks. Food storage containers are good for easy reheat, but freezer bags are best for storage.

Diana Otis Vegas Vegans

Diana Otis

How long have you been Vegan and why do you choose to live the Vegan lifestyle?
Almost 3 years ago, I was driving down to NYC from Maine with friends. As expected, there was a shit ton of traffic and the car we were riding in was stuck side by side with a cattle transportation truck. No matter how much the car would move up, the truck would continuously catch up. Belted in the passenger seat for hours, I kept sinking lower into the chair. No matter how much I tried, I could not avoid eye contact with this being less than a foot to the side of me. The smell alone was making me nauseous, but meeting her eyes impacted me the most. Her body posture and expression looked so scared, alone, and sad. Up to that point, I had always described myself as an animal lover and and an empath. However, I was literally face to face with another being who was being shipped off to death or a life of torture because of my choices. From that moment I decided to adopt a more cruelty free lifestyle and began researching the food industry and nutrition in depth, which all ultimately brought me right to Veganism. 

What is a typical dinner for you?
I can eat veggie pizza, tacos, or sushi all day, every day.

What is your favorite cheat food or sugary vise?
Ginger COOKIES and banana bread. 

Will there ever be a World 100% Vegan? Why?
Yaaaaas VEGANATION! :) As beautiful and glorious as the idea is, it would take a huge shift in resources and power to happen. I believe the first step in becoming vegan is possessing the ability to CHOOSE. The power of choice is a luxury for many. Currently, many people don't have the money or resources to choose veganism. Due to poverty or misinformation, beings need to use and eat whatever they can get. However, the more people who use their power of choice and choose a vegan lifestyle, the more power there is to help others gain this choice as well. This process starts from the ground up. With great power comes great responsibility.  We all need to become more educated, informed, and connected. We no longer have to take the media at face value or vote into a system that doesn't support our planet. We have the resources to exchange knowledge and resources instantaneously. We can connect and communicate in an instant and everyday we are becoming more aware. The more we come into our power, the less we can be controlled and manipulated to just consume, consume, consume, and then die. We have greater paths. So yes, we can have a Veganation, but when we all accept our true power and the power of others. 

What are some tips to help people make Vegan food choices? 

Try to see yourself in others!  Educate yourself and question how your choices impact the environment around you. Understand why you are doing something. Understand if your choices are made from true desire or influenced by lifestyle conditioning. When you have the power of choice, why not choose compassion, respect, and love?

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Emily Wilson

How long have you been Vegan and why do you choose to live a Vegan lifestyle?
I first became a vegan in August of 2015 when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I had been a vegetarian for a few years already and was learning more about the dairy industry and the effects of animal byproducts in our bodies, but the difference it made in my life was greater than I could have imagined. I have continued living this was because I feel so much better and for cruelty reasons I would never go back. 

What is a typical dinner for you?
I don't cook so if I'm eating at home my meals and snacks are mostly raw unless it's a leftover meal or treats my friends bake me. My body thrives best at mostly raw but I do love warm pizza and brownies a lot.  ☺

What is your favorite cheat food or sugary vise?
My favorite sugary vice is anything chocolate. I also love peanut butter so mix the two together and I'll most likely enjoy it, now I'm hungry!

Will there ever be a World 100% Vegan? Why?
I'm not sure about 100% vegan but I do see a shift towards a more plant based diet especially as we learn what eating these animal products do to our bodies and the suffering that takes place before it makes it to our plate. 

What are some tips to help people make Vegan food choices?
My vegan tip would be to become educated, especially about the dairy industry and to know what you are eating and where it came from. 


Nir Halfon

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How long have you been Vegan and why do you choose to live a Vegan lifestyle?
I’ve been vegetarian for 13 years, and vegan four years. I choose to live a vegan lifestyle because one day my eyes open, and suddenly I understand that I’m supporting the cruelest industry on Earth, yet at the same time I’m telling myself that I love all animals. 

What is a typical dinner for you?
Potato, Vegan Burger, Avocado.

What is your favorite cheat food or sugary vise?
Vegan donuts, Vegan ice cream, Vegan chocolate.

Will there ever be a World 100% Vegan? Why?
The world will be 100% vegan sooner as we think. The percentage of people that are switching to vegan is growing every year, in every Country! And more than that, vegan is the truth. You can't hide the truth forever, people are starting to understand that what we've been told is wrong, health wise, humanity wise, ecological wise.

What are some tips to help people make Vegan food choices?
We were born to love, not to kill, not to put those beautiful animals in slaughterhouses. If you put a pig next to your dog, you will never want to kill him for your bacon, so why to pay for someone else to do it? It's hard to change bad habits, but it's very simple to choose the right decision, when it comes to someone others LIFE & FREEDOM! Listen to your conscious, and begin changing the world by changing yourself. Vegan people are the most strong, healthy, and sexy; this is a fact. You are not joining to a club when you become vegan, you just making the world a better place, for yourself, for the planet, and specially for the animals, all of them!

Check out these videos and companies for truthful information:
• Gary Yourofsky Lecture
• Glass Walls
• Challenge 22
• What The Health
• Blackfish
• Peta Organization


Tiffany Rose Mockler

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How long have you been Vegan and why do you choose to live a Vegan lifestyle?

14 years.  I am a vegan athlete, personal trainer and professional pole dancer.  I am also in an all-vegan cast for a show called "Tonya Kay's Pin Up Pole Show" in North Hollywood.  We have been performing this show together for three years now.  I became vegan right after college when I started doing public relations for GreenPeace.  After working for Green Peace for only a few days I became vegan!  Learning what meat production and overfishing was doing to the environment made me sick to my stomach. It was an easy choice for me.  I wasn't even a vegetarian when I switched straight to veganism.  After that, I saw a great improvement in my health.  I slept incredibly well, I recovered quickly from hard workouts and my muscle tone improved. 

What is a typical dinner for you?
All different things but I have to say that lately it has been some of the "Beyond Meat" products.  I like the vegan meatballs and spinach pasta and vegan pesto or the vegan burgers with Wildwood aioli and lots of greens to go with it!  

What is your favorite cheat food or sugary vise?
Alternative Baking Company cookies!  They are my favorite sugary vegan treat.  Where I live, they have them at our movie theatres so if I go see a flick I can't resist!  

Will there ever be a World 100% Vegan? Why?  
I am not sure the world will ever be vegan but I could see it being vegetarian.  Our environment and eco system may force this to become a reality.  Since the ocean is overfished and it is effecting the ph balance, seafood may no longer be an option.  If we use up our non-renewable resources and topsoil, there may no longer be a way to mass produce and distribute meat on land.  If people are forced to raise animals for meat and really connect to what they are doing, they might just grow a conscience. We might realize that there is no actual reason to kill an animal to eat AT ALL!  More cynically, eating meat may become too expensive.  I hope we evolve to be not only compassionate people but a practical world.  We know how to make complete, healthy proteins without devastating the environment further.   

What are some tips to help people make Vegan food choices?
Do your research and make it fun!  I love for inspirational articles and recipes. Read "How Not to Die."  by Dr.Michael Greger.  It will blow your mind how much info and research him and his team have on the long term benefits of plant based eating.  
I love traveling to new places so before I go anywhere I search the internet for veggie restaurants and shops in the area I am going.  You meet the best people there and you learn so much!  Plus, I love to shop so patronizing vegan retailers makes me feel good! 
Check out literature from to stay motivated for the cause.  Also, remember that in the beginning of becoming a vegan it is a lot of research but pretty quickly it gets super easy and you won't miss the meat.  In fact, it will gross you out to think of meat after a while.  I'm talking from experience.


Paul & Francesca

How long have you been Vegan and why do you choose to live a Vegan lifestyle?
Francesca has been vegan for a full year and Paul transitioned from vegetarian to vegan 3 months ago.

What is a typical dinner for you?
We love to be as creative and fresh as possible! We make this amazing buffalo cauliflower dish with vegan blue cheese dressing that is so yummy! We also make as much as we can from scratch, including all of our sauces and hummus!! We really inspire each other to eat as plant based as possible.
What is your favorite cheat food or sugary vise?
Since incorporating grain-free diet into our lifestyle as well, we have been very selective with our "treats." Vegan cheesecake with cashew cream, or watermelon would be our go to sugary vices!

Will there ever be a World 100% Vegan? Why?
A 100% vegan world would be the ultimate dream, and so needed for Mother Earth's recovery. The "food" most people consume is so contaminated and grown with horrible fillers and hormones that humans are going to keep getting sick, develop intolerances and become allergic to meat/animal products anyways. We want people to understand the conditions that animals are kept in, and that spiritually and physically we should stop endangering and harming animals for a guilty pleasure that doesn't serve us anyways! The shift is happening and veganisim has risen 300% in 2017 so far! 

What are some tips to help people make Vegan food choices?
If you are new to this idea of veganism, then education is key. I recommend really understanding where your food is coming from; and yes- this will be extremely disturbing and uncomfortable. But, if you’re going to continue to consciously eat animal products, you should know a bit more about that industry. Trust me, a simple Google search on slaughterhouses should do the trick.

If you are someone ready to transition, but feel overwhelmed; join a Facebook vegan group in your city or go to the library and get free vegan recipe books to read! You can save tones of money on your grocery bill, even by choosing one day a week to adapt a vegan lifestyle! (Ie. Meatless Mondays)
Also, just opt to find vegan restaurants when dining out, trust me; you will be pleasantly surprised!

To all our vegans out there already;
Paul and I are also extremely passionate about proper hydration and water quality. We educate daily on the importance of consuming molecular rich hydrogen water, with your plant based diet. Becoming aware of everything you put into your body, including your water is just as important. If you are a vegan who is drinking tap/bottled water still, we urge you to educate yourself further on what you’re really consuming! We also make sure that we wash all of our produce with highly alkalized water to remove heavy pesticides and emulsify toxic oils used o our foods!
Thank you for reading, and remember; love ALL animals- not just pets! 

We would love to hear from you and help provide any additional guidance or tips to transition ad maintain a healthy vegan lifestyle!
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Vegas Vegans Boris
Vegas Vegans Boris

Boris Karadzic

How long have you been Vegan and why do you choose to live a Vegan lifestyle?
I've been a vegan for 2 years and I've chosen to live this lifestyle because I'm an animal lover, planet preserver and health conscious. 
What is a typical dinner for you?
My typical dinner consists of a lot of grains, veggies and fruited... basically everything that available, non animal of course.
What is your favorite cheat food or sugary vise?
I really avoid that type of food and find an alternative like fruits, smoothies etc.
Will there ever be a World 100% Vegan? Why?
I’m sure there will be in the distant future because people will become more aware about their health, empathy towards other beings and our environment and planet.
What are some tips to help people make Vegan food choices?
Today you can find literally anything online that will help you out and provide information. 

Vegas Vegans Boris 2.jpeg
Vegas Vegans Boris.jpeg

Boris Kynonesz

How long have you been Vegetarian and why are you choosing to be Vegan?
I’ve been vegetarian for 8 years, and I felt so good, and after reading all the toxins you can find in meat, the fact that human being isn’t naturally carnivore and the cruelty our no voiced friends go trough, going vegan is a new state of mind and lifestyle for me. 

What is a typical Vegan dinner for you?
Brown rice, some grilled tofu, and lentils salad is my favorite dinner. Lebanese food is a great option too; tabule, falafel and hummus is a great combination. 

What is your favorite cheat food or sugary vise?
Chia seed  cocoa and coconut milk pudding, banana and strawberry ice cream; and I make an amazing banana bread! 

Will there ever be a World 100% Vegan? Why?
Sadly I should say no, not many people want to go vegan, but it’s getting bigger!!!  We just need to let carnivores know, we are healthy people, we get everything our system needs with a vegan diet. Information is all we need. We’ve had centuries of misinformation, so it’s going to take a while to change that. 

What are some tips to help people make Vegan food choices?
I would ask already vegan people to cook for their friends, show them we can also eat some great food, let them know it is delicious, and kindly educate them.
Following the existent recipes but changing meat and derivatives for vegan options is really helpful for a non-aggressive change.