Vegan Meals



A)  Oatmeal and vanilla vegan protein power, (add cinnamon and stevia to taste) blueberries, coconut oil OR
B)   Cereal with almond/cashew milk, blueberries OR
C)   Seed Bread with Tahini or Nut Butter or Coconut Butter
Coffee w almond creamer and stevia  

A)  Lara bar and apple OR
B)   Banana and mix of almonds and cashews OR
C)   Milk alternative yogurt with fruit or gluten free granola

A)  Humus and Veggie wrap or pita bread and humus. OR
B)   Mexican salad with quinoa, kale, salsa, black beans, tomatoes, cheese alternative or vegan sour cream OR
C)   Avocado toast

A)  Massive salad, with cooked spring onions, mushrooms, garlic, sautéed spinach, w nutritional flakes sprinkled on top (from Heath food grocery store) OR
B)   Potato / sweet potato, asparagus, broccoli with veggie burger and tahini dressing OR
C)   Vegan enchiladas or Veggie Stir Fry/Curry with quinoa/buckwheat or rice noodles and add a meat alternative (Tofu, Gardein, or Beyond Meat) OR
D)  Veggie Chili 

Do you have a sweet tooth?
Check out dairy free chocolate, rice dream, or my favorite
Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice-cream made with almond milk, loaded with chunks and swirls.

Here is an excellent website for delicious recipes and exciting Vegan News.